Our Services

These healings focus on removing the root causes of physical pain and aches, emotional distress, and any energetic obstacles so you can fully live your life with more vitality, zest, and possibility.

In one month, you will receive customized, distant pranic healings* and individual 1:1 check-in

Zoom calls  by a team of certified pranic healers.

*Healing Sessions are conducted without physical (or online) interaction during the session. You do not need to be present.

For an effective healing process and to monitor your progress, your feedback is required (minimum once a week) via email and during weekly check-ins.

  • 4 distant Pranic Healing session package Price: $499

  • 6 distant Pranic Healing sessions package Price: $699

  • 8 distant Pranic Healing sessions package Price: $1,000

  • Pranic Healing Sessions + Coaching Price $1,500