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The Collective Spark is a collective/team of certified Pranic Healers who have committed their lives to helping you heal yours. Whether that means physical, emotional, mental healing or all of the above, we’re here to support you. We have 50+ years of combined experience as Pranic Healers and serve as Pranic Healing instructors, mentors and organizers across the U.S. The team completed over 1000 sessions together meeting daily since March 2020 to heal critically ill COVID-19 patients in hospitals, those sick at home, and medical frontliners.


Marianne Chung

Certified Pranic Healer

As a Certified Pranic Healer, Marianne helps people break old patterns, find greater clarity, and move forward in alignment with their higher purpose. Marianne is dedicated to creating sacred spaces

where people can reimagine their lives and make meaningful changes for themselves and the

communities they love. Her approach centers on the belief that the answers always lie

within ourselves and our community.

Inspired by her own self-healing and personal transformation, Marianne co-founded Pranic Healing Washington, DC in 2018. She is a Certified Pranic Healing instructor teaching Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing and leads online meditation groups. She also organizes higher-level workshops for the Center for Pranic Healing. She has successfully mentored nearly 50 candidates from around the world in the Pranic Healer Certification program to complete their certification, supporting them to be more proficient and confident. She serves as administrator for the Pranic Healing Research Institute and Project Hope for Healing.


Learn more about Marianne:


Website - https://mariannechung.com/

IG - chungmarianne

FB - marianne.chung.108


Noilyn Mendoza

Certified Associate Pranic Healer

Noilyn Mendoza is a Soul Purpose Coach, leadership consultant, group facilitator, and an Associate Certified Pranic Healer. Currently, Noilyn is part of the 2021 certification program to become a Certified Pranic Healer. She supports BIPOC changemakers who feel misaligned and have abandoned their dreams. Noilyn helps them shift from fear into action so they can live the life they are meant to be living. She knows firsthand how depletion and disconnection happen as a cost to constantly putting others’ needs and wants before your own, feeling stuck from the weight of obligation and regrets, and letting fear and scarcity hold you back.


After 18 years in the public sector field advocating for healthcare access for Asian Americans in NYC, Noilyn now meets folks at a crossroads in their life and helps them imagine again. She provides offerings for individuals to ignite and realign with their soul's calling, stop hiding their gifts, and birth a new season of fullest creative expression, clarity, and possibility. When not uplifting powerful creators to unlock their unlimited potential and fully step into their greatness, Noilyn can be found having a dance-off with her kids, developing a green thumb, or rummaging flea markets with

her spouse for their next vintage score. 


Learn more about Noilyn:


Website -  www.theradiantu.com

IG -  theradiantu  

FB -  theradiantu


Luis Rivera

Certified Associate Pranic Healer

Luis Rivera is a pranic healer, IT professional, US Airforce Veteran, father, and husband. His Pranic Healing journey started in 2009 when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Under the intuitive guidance of his maternal aunt, who invited the family to meet with a Pranic Healer to assist with his mother’s care. Luis was blown away when his mother’s subsequent scans revealed a reduction in the size of her cancerous tumors. He experienced a transformation and awareness of a new dimension of healing available to us all.


The amazement and curiosity surrounding the power of Pranic Healing inspired him to continue to study the healing modality. In 2019, Luis concluded the Certification Program for Associate Pranic Healer which is an internationally recognized standard denoting a practitioner who has achieved professional standing and capabilities in the art form. It is truly Luis' passion to pursue Pranic Healing to its highest levels and to bring the wisdom of this ancient healing art to the benefit of his clients. 


Learn more about Luis:


Website - https://bettermentfulfilled.com/

IG - bettermentfulfilled

FB - bettermentfulfilledc


Barbra Minglana-Haka

Certified Associate Pranic Healer

Barbra P Minglana-Haka is a unique individual that identifies herself as a soul and wants to make a difference in someone's life. She has studied Pranic Healing for almost a decade and is currently studying to be a Certified Pranic Healer. Barbra travels around the world learning new things, deepening her spiritual practice, and enhancing her skills.

Most recently she has studied Pranic Healing in Japan, Bali Indonesia, the Philippines, and the United States. She is connected to the Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines and the Mindanao Pranic Healing Training Center. She became an Arhatic Yoga Practitioner level in 2021. Barbra has met  8 Acharyas of GMCKS personally and online and sees herself as a perpetual student. Barbra is an Artist, a homemaker, and a loving wife. 

Learn more about Barbra:

Website: https://barbrapminglanahaka.com

IG: barbraming

FB: barbra.minglana


Lorena Barua

Pranic Healer

Wife and Mom whose absolute joy comes from helping people live a richer, fuller, and more meaningful life. Born and raised in Paraguay, Lorena is an Environmental Engineer who now lives in Maryland, USA where she helps to lead EnLight.Energy, a family-owned renewable energy company.

Lorena's Pranic Healing journey began with Master Co's Twin Hearts Meditation during a Tony Robbins UPW Event. After realizing that  20 minutes of this meditation was enough to calm her long-lasting anxiety, and help her find the "inner peace" she couldn't seem to experience before, she felt drawn to learning the techniques herself so she could help the world reconnect

with their inner, most genuine, and loving self. Lorena is currently part of the certification program to become an Associate Pranic Healer. 

Learn More about Lorena:


Website - www.lorenabarua.com

IG - lorebarua

FB - lorebaruahernandez


Rossana Dávila

Certified Associate Pranic Healer

Inspired by her own healing journey managing severe back pain due to herniated disks, Rossana is a Pranic Healer that specializes in pain management. She has studied Pranic Healing for over 7 years and is a certified Associate Pranic Healer. She is also an Arhatic Yoga practitioner and leads regular weekly meditations in Spanish and English. She shares that Pranic Healing has helped her to live a purpose-filled life and be a better mother, daughter, sister and friend.

She spends her time working as a Pranic Healer in her home country, México, and in the U.S. based in the Washington, D.C. area. This flexibility allows her to interact and be inspired by diverse cultures, hearts and minds. Right now, she is also studying to become a Certified Pranic Healer and creating more spaces for the Hispanic community to access quality healing and meditations.

Learn More about Rossana:


Website - https://merakiprana.com/

IG - meraki.prana

FB - merakipranarossanadavila

Erick Rivas Profile Pic.jpeg

Erick Rivas

Pranic Healer

Erick Rivas is a Pranic Healer located in Maryland. He came into Pranic Healing by chance when he heard about it at a seminar. Since that time, Erick has been growing as a Pranic Healer and has learned various advanced techniques, include Crystal Healing and Psychic Self Defense. His desire to grow in Pranic Healing has come from seeing the results in help friends, family, colleagues, and clients reset and charge their energy through healings. Erick also gives back to the Pranic Healing community by helping to spread the teachings and volunteer at various seminars. He is currently part of the certification program to become an Associate Pranic Healer. Erick’s main focus throughout his professional career has been in Finance within the Commercial Real Estate industry and most recently coaching and mentoring Accountants to unleash their true and authentic potential.

Learn More about Erick:


Website - TBD




Vivi De Almeida

Certified Pranic Healer

Vivi De Almeida is a Certified Pranic Healer and has been practicing Pranic Healing for over 13 years. She is currently in the Psychotherapy Certification program. Her journey in energy work is over 20 years in the making. Vivi is also a clinically trained psychologist who supported patients with anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. Based in Brazil, Vivi leads a variety of daily groups on Meditation on Twin Hearts, Great Invocation, Kriyashakti, forgiveness, generational healing, and Arhatic Yoga. She is a fixture in many Pranic Healing trainings serving as a Portuguese translator for all 8 Pranic Healing Masters worldwide. Her life has been transformed in tremendous ways through the teachings of GMCKS. She loves bringing this enthusiasm, knowledge, and blessings to others and connecting them with their spirituality. One of her greatest joys is to see others deepen their practice, heal from the inside out, and spread their light to the world.

Learn More about Vivi:

IG - @vividealmeida08

FB - vivi.dealmeidafrushio